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Andhra Pradesh: Vizag needs development, says a cross section of people

Vishakapatnam: There have been mixed reactions from people on happenings in Visakhapatnam during the last week.

Many people say Vizag needs development. But it should not become a place of entertainment for people with political processions like Visakha Garjana or programmes that are organised to demonstrate power wielded by political leaders.

Andhra University dean (International Affairs) Dhananjaya Rao said he expects comprehensive development in Visakhapatnam. The port city is developing at a fast pace. But if the government puts in efforts, it will develop faster, he pointed out.

Darapu Srikanth Satish Kumar, assistant professor at Gitam University, said, "I think such political programmes are not necessary for common man to decide what he wants. Last week, the city was disturbed, with chaos and protests by politicians. I expect more of this if Vizag becomes the capital. People here want peace," he underlined.

Classical dancer Koduru Sumana said a single capital is a good option for development of all districts. Wherever the capital is, it does not matter. As Amaravati is a central point for all parts of the state, it is a good choice. However, she maintained that Visakhapatnam must be developed on par with cities in the country like Mumbai and Delhi.

Dunna Srihari, an auto driver in Dwaraka Nagar, said Vizag should be made the capital. It can then be a source of income for many people like him who belong to the unorganised sector. As the city grows exponentially, many people can start different small businesses, he underlined.

B. Hima Bindu, a housewife of TSR Apartment in Shivajipalem, said if the capital comes to the city, cost of living will increase. "I personally do not want any tag attached to the city," Bindu maintained.

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