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‘Chowraasta Band’ takes Adilabad by storm

ADILABAD: Hyderabad-based popular ‘Chowraasta Band’ enthralled rural and urban folk with their high-pitch songs and reverberating drum-beats for three days during their tour of Adilabad district.

The Chowraasta Band concluded its tour with two performances in Adilabad town on Monday. A large gathering was present when they presented live performances at Ambedkar Chowk and NTR chowk.

The band’s composer and lead singer Yashwanth Nag captivated the audience with ‘Maya’, ‘Urellipotha Mama’, Chethuletti Mokkutha on Covid, and ‘Sou Sara Chatak Kara’.

The band comprises Balaji Vishwanathan (vocals) Akshya Atreya (drummer) Ananth Kirshnan (brass guitarist) and Manuj Natraj (guitarist). Cine writer Akkala Chandra Mouli coordinated the tour.

Speaking to this correspondent, Nag said that they are touring rural and tribal villages that boast of a unique culture, folklore and music. He said it was time for the society and governments to preserve the unique music of adivasis and their musical instruments and pass them on to the future generations.

He said that they have decided to donate a part of their revenue through Youtube channel ‘Chowraasta Band’ in order to save adivasi music and their musical instruments. He said they are searching for talented adivasi artists so that they could provide them an opportunity to parade their talent.

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