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Class X student Kyvalya Reddy identifies Asteroid

KAKINADA: Class X student Kunchala Kyvalya Reddy (14) of Nidadavole in East Godavari district, studying in a private school, bagged a certificate for identifying Main-Belt Asteroid 2021 CM 37 from International Asteroid Search Collaboration (IASC), a partner with NASA worldwide.

She analysed the photographs, clicked through the PAN STARRS telescope and discovered the asteroid’s main belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

She had got training from the founder head of Spaceport India Foundation Sameer Sachdeva, participated in an Asteroid Search Campaign in October 2021 as Spaceport India Gamma, and received a provisional discovery certificate.

Kyvalya had the second discovery in her name, and for her first discovery in 2021, she was rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh from chief minister Jagan Reddy.

She also received a silver honour certificate in an International Astronomy and Astrophysics competition conducted by Germany. She created a world record with the fastest arrangement of a long form of the periodic table within 1 min 38 seconds and entered the International Wonder Book of Records.

Kyvalya Reddy created world records with different types of paintings and craft items and entered into the International Genius of Records.

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