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Enrollment rate in govt. degree colleges falling in Bhadradri-Kothagudem

Kothagudem: The fall in student enrollment rate in government degree colleges is a worry among lecturers in Bhadradri-Kothagudem colleges.

The “unethical tactics” being followed by private college managements to woo students and the starting of residential colleges running degree courses are cited to be the reasons. All these colleges are located in the agency areas.

“The lecturers of government colleges had even visited the houses of students to get them join their colleges, but the enrollment rate is not impressive. In the government degree college in Yellandu, only 81 students joined various courses against 300 seats. There are two private degree colleges with more than 300 students.

N Pradeep, lecturer in a private college, said, “Private colleges used to lure students in the agency areas by paying a premium amount by way of scholarships to the students. This is a blow to government colleges.”

The TRS government introduced residential colleges for SCs, BCs and STs three years ago. Three of these colleges are offering degree courses. Degree first-year courses have commenced in these colleges. Those who completed intermediate courses in these residential schools used to join the degree courses there.

There were 300 seats in the government degree college in Manuguru. Only 161 seats were filled against 300 seats. The Kothagudem degree college, located in an urban area, is experiencing the same.

Shockingly, only 140 students against a capacity of 300 joined various courses in Kothagudem.

About 248 students, against 420 seats, joined the government degree college in Paloncha. In the government degree college in Bhadrachalam, the enrollment for the present academic year was only 430 against 720 seats.

N Srinivas, a lecturer in the government college in Manuguru, said, “Many students opted out of engineering after intermediate. The parents are showing interest in joining their kids in private colleges in cities rather than in government colleges in the agency areas.”

Issues like lack of proper faculty and basic facilities are also said to be the reasons for low enrollment in government colleges. Another problem is most adivasi students are dropping out of their studies after completing intermediate with the confidence they would get a job with the government.

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