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India-Korea promotion of literature and culture

HYDERABAD: Sree Ramya Krishna Govardhan, a student from Hyderabad, was stated to be the first student from India to be accepted in multiple universities in the USA with scholarships to pursue East Asian studies in Korean language and literature.

She said she had chosen Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. She has been working towards the promotion of South Korean language, culture, music and movies for a decade.

Ramya learnt Korean by herself starting at the age of 11, and has completed multiple Korean language courses from Korean universities and institutions. At 13, she founded Hyderabad Kpoppers and the Korean Cultural Society in 2018. Ramya said, “India and South Korea share many similarities in terms of values, culture and history. I will continue to promote Indian and Korean culture at Ohio State University,"" she said adding that she would be focusing on academic, organisational and society activities in the USA and India.

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