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Indian medicos from Ukraine to be relocated to Uzbekistan

HYDERABAD: Over 2,000 medical students from India who returned from Ukraine due to the ongoing war are set to be accommodated in institutes in Uzbekistan, the country’s Ambassador to India, His Excellency Dilshod Akhatov, announced in the city on Thursday. Around 700 of the 2,000 students are from Telangana.

“At the request of the Indian government, Uzbekistan’s medical higher educational institutes (MHEIs) of ministry of health of Ukraine is providing 2,000 seats to relocate Indian medical students from Ukraine with quality education by accepting the erstwhile MCI and NMC norms (screening test regulations 2002) and Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate (FMGL Regulations 2021),” he said.

Dr B. Divya Raj Reddy, Director of NEO Institute and the Indian representative to MHEIs of Uzbekistan, said that the move comes after thorough research. Also, she said the fee structure was similar to that of Ukraine.

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