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Jagan to give YSRC tickets based on performance-linked marks and grades

VIJAYAWADA: The YSRC high command would review the performance of the party MLAs before starting the ticket allotment process for the next assembly elections in 2024.

Chief Minister Jagan Reddy recently issued a strong warning that ministers who recorded poor performance might be sacked. He is now readying for a review to analyse legislators’ performances on the basis of marks and grades.

Jagan recently conducted a review meeting with MLAs, ministers, YSRC regional coordinators and assembly constituency in-charges. He would now conduct a meeting to review their performance.

The AP Assembly sessions started on September 15 and will continue till September 21.

Jagan reaffirmed his stand about developing Amaravati as the legislative capital and formation of the executive capital and judicial capital in Vizag and Kurnool. He affirmed that he would not flinch from his decentralised development policy. According to party sources, Jagan will adopt the 3 capitals decision as the main YSRC agenda to seek votes for the next elections. Hence, he would instruct legislators and leaders to take the decentralised development cause to the masses, explaining the YSRC’s dedication to develop all regions of AP.

The sources said that since all legislators are available for the assembly session now, there is a likelihood of conducting the review meeting at any time in the next three days. During this, Jagan will analyse the performances of MLAs.

The CM had, in the earlier meeting with legislators, given eight months’ time to MLAs for betterment of their performances and said he would review their scores from time to time. Accordingly, the IPAC teams and other surveying agencies are submitting reports to Jagan.

It is learnt that nearly 60 YSRC legislators were found to be poor performers. Jagan gave time to them and a dozen legislators’ performances had been improved. The CM would review the performances of legislators by giving them grades and marks. “He will give a powerpoint presentation in the meeting and would give clarity on tickets on the basis of the ratings of the sitting MLAs,” a party source said.

“Further, the CM will issue a final warning to the legislators who are still lagging behind in performance, despite having given them chances for better performance through the Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam mass contact programme. The CM is also planning to start a tour of districts and he would hold Rachabanda meetings like his father YSR,” the source said.

Political analysts say Jagan is targeting to win 175 seats. Hence he is analysing the performances of legislators every month to choose strong candidates for the next elections. Jagan is giving funds to every constituency to resolve local issues on a priority basis during the mass contact programme. But nearly 40 legislators are still showing negligence hence they are in the danger zone.

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