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Local Congress leaderships blink while KPCC arranges facilities for Yatra in AP

ANANTAPUR: Interestingly, Karnataka PCC was making all the arrangements under the leadership of senior leader Jairam Ramesh for the four-day Bharat Jodo Padayatra of Rahul Gandhi in Kurnool district of AP.

KPCC leader DK Shiva Kumar and his team were making the arrangements including storage of food and setting up of temporary sheds for the padayatra participants at various venues while AP Congress leaders did little.

A chef from Kanakapur in Karnataka and his team of cooks were engaged in the preparation of food for participants during the four-day-yatra in AP. The Kanakapur-based caterers were also deployed to make necessary food arrangements for the yatra.

Shivakumar accompanied Rahul Gandhi till the borders of AP from Karnataka. Two teams were engaged by the KPCC; one to set up temporary sheds while another team was arranging the facilities during the halts of the yatra. A team of Congress activists moving along with the catering agency were seen wearing T-shirts with images of DK Shivakumar.

Even as several Congress leaders enjoyed positions during the UPA terms at the Centre and also in combined AP, many of them were not seen around for the yatra. But, there was a huge response from all sections of the people while Rahul Gandhi raised the issues of unemployment, distress of farmers etc. Farmers and youths were joining the yatra voluntarily in Anantapur and Kurnool.

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