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Rayalaseema inundated as heavy rains lash Andhra Pradesh

ANANTAPUR: The vegetable market in the Old Town area here was flooded and massive damage was caused to stocks of vegetables there as heavy rains lashed the Rayalaseema region for the past two days.

Due to lack of a proper drainage system for the area, the existing drainages were overflowing.

Urban MLA Ananta Venkatramireddy and others were present as the AMC staff drained out the water from the market.

The low-lying areas Anantapur and Satya Sai districts were inundated due to the heavy rain and floods. Agriculture fields were submerged in Parigi, D Hirehal, Kalyandurgam and Madakasira areas. The Singanamala and Parigi tanks were overflowing due to inflow of water from upstream areas.

In Agali mandal, the irrigation tanks were about to fill after many decades. River Pennar continued to flow in spate from Hindupur towards Pamidi due to heavy rains in upstream parts of Karnataka.

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